We started in 2003 as a paint-you-own pottery studio.

Today we offer fun new ways for customers to be creative, making it easy to create your masterpiece.

 Paint Your Own Pottery         Glass Fusing          Canvas Painting          Clay           Board Art

Come in anytime to paint your pottery piece.

Our glazes are non-toxic and lead-free making them safe for all ages

We are an all-inclusive studio, the price you see on the piece includes everything but sales tax

Choose from our large selection of bisque

Pick your paint (we call it ``glaze``) colors from our color chart

Decorate and doodle your piece using our idea sheets, stamps, stencils and other tools for creative inspiration.

Your piece will be fired (in our ``kilns``) and be ready for pick-up in one week

Glass Fusing is Fun and Addictive!

In five minutes or less we can explain the process and demonstrate the “breaking” or cutting of glass to get you started on creating a beautiful glass fused piece of art.

Choose the size and shape of the ``base`` of your piece

Choose the colors of glass for the details of your design

Place the glass in an interesting pattern on the base, and then glue your pieces in place

Let us know the style and shape you’d like your piece to be fired to (flat like a sun-catcher or dimensional like a plate)

We’ll fire your piece and it will be ready in one week.

Canvas Painting is Relaxing!

We have everything you need to create your own canvas masterpiece! We have patterns you can choose from or bring in your own idea and we can help.

We have lots of colors to choose from (and aprons to keep those colors off your clothes!)

Our designs come with step-by-step directions and a tracing pattern you can use

We will give you tips and ideas to help with creating your canvas.

Your canvas painting can go home with you the same day